The method to light a campfire in ARK: Survival Evolved

Campfire is often mentioned in survival games, as well as in Ark Survival Evolution. So how does the Ark Survival Evolution campfire work? What is the method of cooking meat over a fire? Here is a brief introduction to you.

Wandering outdoors is essential

Before we do that, it's worth noting that raw meat has a very short shelf life in the game. Raw meat has a shelf life of 10 minutes, and every 10 minutes apiece rots. Stacks of meat refresh their shelf life, and 19 minutes later the next piece rots. Fresh meat and old meat are stacked together for short shelf life. Cooked for 15 minutes and providing more fullness, the spoilage rules are the same as raw meat.

So use a campfire to roast meat, can increase the cost performance of meat. campfire is a combo that was originally unlocked. Some basic materials can be synthesized.

You can roast meat, you can warm it

After making a campfire, place it on the ground. Long press E to enter the material adding an interface, you can add firewood to the campfire, preferably using wood, the burned wood can be turned into charcoal, later can be used to make bullets.

Put raw meat in the interface of adding firewood and you can roast meat. It's important to note that meat has a shelf life in the campfire, so take it out and consume it as soon as possible, or it will still spoil.

Press E to light or extinguish the fire. Long press E to enter the barbecue screen again.

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