Ark Survived and Evolved: An unexpected feature of Oviraptor

Ark Survived and Evolved, this fantasy-realistic style game introduces nearly 400 kinds of creatures. The interaction with these creatures is the classic gameplay of the game. Players can choose to kill creatures to obtain various raw materials, or they can choose to tame them. For your use. In addition to the gameplay of killing and tame, there are also breeding, hatching, training, and so on. Different creatures have different functions. The names of some creatures reflect their abilities, but some are exceptions, such as Oviraptor. Its greatest use is not to steal eggs, but to improve the efficiency of egg production.

Oviraptor is a timid carnivore. When the player approaches, it will quickly run away and run away quickly. Oviraptor is very common, and its shadow can be seen in forests and rivers. The main source of food is to steal eggs from other animal nests. It can steal the egg without the mother dinosaur paying attention. Picking up the walking egg will not produce hatred, so the female dragon will not attack it.

In addition to stealing eggs, Oviraptor also has a special ability to secrete a pheromone that makes it easier for dinosaurs to mate and reproduce without disturbing their reproduction process. If you want to tame Oviraptor, you have to stun it first, and the effect of attacking the head is remarkable. Oviraptor runs fast after being frightened, so the player can use the meteor hammer to hold it down and then stun. If it is just to improve egg production efficiency, just grab a relatively low-level Oviraptor. After taming, put it in the dragon pile and start the patrol mode to urge the egg to lay.

Before putting it in, it's best to load it with a full load before starting the patrol mode, otherwise, this lively small animal will run around. Oviraptor can also be obtained by incubating eggs, generally using 3-5 campfires. If Oviraptor lays eggs on its own, you can also add the egg buff, and players can try it. Have you tamed Oviraptor in Ark Survived and Evolved? You can share your domestication experience. If you like Oviraptor, please click ArkRex to buy.