Ark Survival Evolved: New Creatures in Genesis Part 2

There are many different creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved, which is also what attracts players. 7 new creatures have also been added to the latest update of Genesis Part 2. Below is an introduction to these creatures.


This creature is quite docile, but if you decide to kill it, it will drop animal skins, raw meat, fur, and keratin. You can find it in Eden along the northern half of the map, and it's easy to find.


This creature uses invisible power to track its prey, but you can still see it because of the faint shimmer around its body and its paw prints behind. If you want to tame the shadowmane, you must find them during the day when they are resting. They are most abundant in the southern half of the Rockwell side of the map.


If you happen to get this creature too close, it will repeatedly bite and attack and call on its siblings to help win the battle. You can tame it by stroking it twice and then feeding it the elements. It is a good vehicle because its saddle has thrusters and lasers.

Tek Stryder

Tek Stryder is a mechanical creature, once it is tamed, you can turn it into anything you want. It is most commonly found on the Eden side of the map, where you should build your base.


Noglin is a strange but interesting creature because it can control the thoughts of other creatures and survivors. You can tame it by letting it control your own tame.


It is a mechanical creature, very similar to a typical Wyvern. It can be tamed, but you must ride it. Tek Wyverns patrols the middle of the map between Eden and Rockwell and can be found near the asteroid.


They are very aggressive creatures. Summoners can only use cheat codes to force taming. It is not the creature you want to annoy, but if you kill it, every creature it summons will die with it.

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