Ark: Survival Evolved: how to farm metal

Metal is very important in Ark: Survival Evolved because it is a necessary material to make some useful items. The metal product that is most worth pursuing usually occurs in more dangerous areas, so it is best to increase efficiency in metal farming. Unnecessarily backtracking or charging a small amount of money usually puts you in a high-risk situation without high returns. But if you are prepared and equipped properly, you will be able to secure some high metal production effortlessly.

Use metal picking tool

Craft metal pickaxe tools, because they will provide more metal for each rock compared to a standard stone pickaxe. This will enable you to obtain higher metal content faster.

Use an Ankylosaurus as a mining car

There would be no Ark without dinosaurs, they can make metal farming much easier. The Ankylosaurus is not particularly fast, but it can hold a lot of resources. It is best to fly to areas with high metal content by Karkinos, Quetzal, or Argentavis. These flying dinosaurs can pick up your Ankylosaurus, which allows you to complete the entire trip without having to walk. It is also an excellent swimmer, and if you cultivate metal by the water, you can save some time after landing. Other dinosaurs can bear a lot of weight, but The Ankylosaurus has lost 85% of its weight, which makes the dinosaur a capable agricultural partner.

Effective farming

In terms of farming, some players like farming courses that can meet their resource needs for a long time. It's all about finding the method that best suits your style of play.

Seeking high-yield rocks

The first thing to remember is to get high returns by finding the right rocks. Metals are mined from rocks. Although you can get metals from ordinary rocks, they are usually rare. You can search for some smoother or golden shiny rocks, which will make you discover more metals.

If you play with friends, you can further increase the fun and efficiency, and choose the best map to play with to maximize your resource collection adventure. For more information about Ark: Survival Evolved, please click