​Ark Survival and Evolution: How to do Tek Trough

Ark Survival and Evolution Tek Technology is the top equipment in the game, and the Tek Trough is one of the special equipment, which can be used to feed the creatures.

As we all know, the Tek Trough is made by challenging the dungeon. It needs the electric drive of the Tektronix generator, once it is driven, its food can achieve a better quality preservation effect, the effect is comparable to the refrigerator! So how to use the Tek Trough for Ark Survival and Evolution?

The Tek Trough is an upgraded version of the Tek Trough. The Tektronix energy elements are placed in the implant storage room and the machine is driven in the lower right corner. It has more space and longer storage time than the Tek Trough provided that sufficient power supply is required!

The above is the introduction of the production method and code of the Tek Trough in the Ark Survival and Evolution. The Tek Trough can help the player automatically feed the creatures, which is still very useful for the later stage. For more game weapon production strategies, you can bookmark our site https://www.arkrex.com/